You – a poem by Taj

(Translated by Latha Ramakrishnan)



Pointing at the
 sea,mountain ,wilderne
When it chased
all too ferociously
we flew in different directions
pushing us up above the sky
while going round and round
with the heart so full
of bewitching wonders
submitting ourselves to
the power of gravitation
Descending low
and flying
at some point
finding a friend
in each other
we fluttered our wings with great fervour
in the breeze
storm ,thunder, lightning
rain  as the quiver and quake of land
you spoke
the space of the sky that floated in your speech and turned was
but less than that of a palm!
when i turned silent with the realization that my existence on earth was
but inside the wave of the sea
 pecking at the particles of your feathers
all too painfully and
 creating poems that
writhe and creep
along the course
of the wind…You!

*** *** *** *** ***
How at all we can feel
those times
that quivered in ecstasy
before the onset of rainy season?
How at all we can see again that moment when the golden sun ripened,
in the scorching middays?
those moments when struck with wonder and awe at the breath-catching sight of those flowery-bed of those mountain-peaks
were also well within the daily gloom only!
seeing those wonderful sights and feeling at peace with yourself
you probe me with your words!
at least in those moments when the eyes
 that leap and bounce on all the angles
 feel a little fatigued
have you seen the shadow
that lie at your back…
*** *** *** *** ***

In the straight line
 that stands for the sky
stretched by the line-drawings
 that are enlivened by your brush ,
the calm of words,
 the Sun and the Moon too are
 objects of Being
 the down-cast dense-spread darkness
the Reality of the Night
the faraway silver-dots
turning stars
cause the heart to melt
joy scatters as
little drops from the cloudy sky
as the flashes of lightning to
raise our eyes and feast on
you remain there!
Not confining those close to you
 Within the lines
You leave them as
floating little clusters
with the help of the brush
raised aloft
without any distinction as throne,
the people of the royal clan,
the servant-maid,
allowing your being on Earth
go zig-zag on the soil as
the worm… You!

**** **** **** **** ****

Time is not the cloth being knit and woven
 By You! It is a passionate poem with
so many a page!
If we can loosen the grips
That are tightened around the neck
And relax
Let us walk side by side
To our heart’s content.
In the keen wakefulness of Time
Partaking in the  flowers’ celebration of Joy
The fullness of the waterfalls
Abd the stir of the rivers
Could voice out my silence
And the wandering wind
Could give assurance
Your stubbornness that weep
Like a child
Could be calmed by the
Call of the distant koel !
And, all that have become frozen
In one dot, we can recreate
In this blooming season!
Let us hail Spring!
With the neck stuck in noose
Is it possible to nod …for You?

**** **** **** ****
Thanks : Taj & Latha Ramakrishnan

2 பின்னூட்டங்கள்

  1. Nagoori said,

    16/02/2009 இல் 21:50

    Excellent Imagination
    Exceptional Translation
    Just Mind blowing

  2. Taj said,

    17/02/2009 இல் 17:44

    அப்துல் கையூம்….
    உங்களின் கவிதை நெஞ்சத்திற்கு நன்றி!
    – தாஜ்

Nagoori க்கு மறுமொழியொன்றை இடுங்கள் மறுமொழியை நிராகரி

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